Welcome Seth N. Linga to DAWN!

November 4, 2023

Growing up, my family cultivated rice both for consumption and as means of livelihood. For smallholder farmers like us, challenges are an inherent part of the cropping season, encompassing issues such as financial constraints, water scarcity, lack of infrastructure, insurance coverage, and low income. Despite government initiatives aimed to raise agricultural development, it appears that the positive impacts of these projects fail to trickle down to small-scale farmers. Experiencing these issues firsthand fuelled my drive to pursue a career in agriculture.

Over the years I studied the dynamics of irrigation systems, specifically the governing hydrologic and hydraulic processes. The models and tools we use in calculating water requirement, forecasting reservoir supply, and predicting effect of climate change aid decision-makers in crafting agricultural policies. I believe that substantial understanding of these models is critical for effective implementation of national programs to support farmers. Here is where DAWN comes in. DAWN explores the philosophical foundation of global irrigation models, coming to terms with uncertainties, scrutinising theories, assumptions, values, and ethics to fortify our understanding of these tools. Through this interdisciplinary research, I aim to contribute new knowledge and improve the use of irrigation models as tools for scientific enquiry and policy-making.

Seth conducting soil physico-chemical analysis in the field.

Written by -
Seth Nathaniel Linga
PhD Student